Teaching Staff

Mrs. Anglin teaches: Digital Photography 1 and 2, Digital Art 1 and 2, Drawing 1 and 2, Painting 1 and 2, Ceramics 1 and 2, Crafts, Intro to Sculpture, Drama, Journalism and Cooking. Mrs. Anglin also is the Girls Varsity Soccer Coach. She sponsors the yearbook and the school newsletter. As well as helping with GT. Senior class sponsor.

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Mr. Bailey teaches Government, Psychology, Senior Seminar, World History, PE, and Weight Training. He is the Rye High School Head Football Coach and a Junior class sponsor.


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Baird_Tim_113Mr. Baird Co-teaches at Craver Middle School and Rye High. While at Rye High he teaches Choir, Band and Guitar.


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Mr. Beeman teaches Ag. Shop, Intro to Ag., Ag. Mechanics, Intro. Eng. Design, Ag. Construction. He is also the FFA and a Freshman Class sponsor.


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Mr. Blackhurst teaches Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry and Zoology.

He is the Head Coach for the Cross Country team and a Senior class sponsor.


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Mr. Carter teaches A+, Webpage, Video, Game Design,  and Mous.


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Mrs. Dodge teaches Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, Sports & Fitness, Biology 2 & Health.

She is a Sophomore Class Sponsor.


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Mr. Hale teaches US History, World History, Physical Education and Weight Training.

He is a Sophomore Class Sponsor and helps sponsor Fellowship of Christian Thunderbolts.

He is also the Head Boys Basketball Coach.

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Mrs.Holloway teaches Geometry, Algebra 1 & II, and Statistics.

She is a Freshman Class and Science and Outdoor Club Sponsor.

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Dr. Kris Lettenmeier teaches English 3, English 3 Accelerated, English 4, English 4 Accelerated, Speech and sponsors the Speech & Debate team.

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McGee_Cole_233Mr. McGee teaches Algebra II, AP Stats, AP Physics, AP Calculus, and Philosophy.

He is a Senior Class Sponsor, Coaches the Knowledge Bowl team and GT.


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2906465Mrs. Kayla McKinley teaches Leadership, Health and PE. She is the Student Council Sponsor.

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2908097Mr. Connor Pigg teaches Business Math, World History, Marketing, Multi Media and Accounting. He Coaches Football, Wrestling and Track.

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Ms. Robles is an ESS Teacher at Rye High School.

She is a Freshman Class Sponsor, National Honor Society Sponsor, and Assistant Girls Soccer Coach.


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Mrs. Thurn-Abrigo teaches Spanish, AP Literature, AP Language and Reading.


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Mrs. Van Oort teaches English II, English II Accelerated, English IV, Englich IV Accelerated, and Creative Writing.

She is the Head Volleyball and Track Coach and is a Freshman Class sponsor.

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