Career Planning

Career Planning

Self-Assessment Tools: 

The process of finding a rewarding and satisfying career begins with knowing yourself.  Only after an individual understands their own interests, values, and skills can he or she begin identifying careers that support and match their personal profile.  The following websites offer self-assessment tools to help students begin the process of self-exploration.  This is certainly not an all-encompassing list.  Many other resources exist and may be available online or at your local bookstore and library.  See your counselor if you need additional resources or have questions.


  • Click on “Plan” tab
  • Interest Inventory, Work Values Sorter, Skills Checklist
  • To establish your own account, create your own access ID and password

Career Information: 
After identifying their own interests, values, and skills, students will be ready to explore various careers that match their personal criteria.  The following websites provide detailed career descriptions and information.

Occupational Outlook Handbook:
Career Voyages

Apprenticeship Information:
Registered apprenticeships offer career preparation that mixes on the job experience with classroom learning.

Military Careers:

Employment Resources: 
Colorado Workforce Centers:

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