Please help support Rye High’s TSA Program

My name is Kacie Anglin and I am the art/graphic design teacher at Rye High School. In the last several years we have been working towards adding in great opportunities for the students here at Rye High School, which include CTE (Career and Technical Education). With CTE we also have to include a CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization), where “students are preparing to become productive citizens and assume roles of leadership in their communities. These organizations provide a unique program of career and leadership development, motivation, and recognition for secondary and post-secondary students.” (ACTE) These programs are an integral part of CTE and they help students develop so many different skills.

This school year three of the CTE teachers at RHS implemented TSA (Technology Student Association) as their CTSO. In February we took 12 high school students and 6 middle school students to the state competition where 1,000’s of students competed in over 40 different competitions at the high school and middle school levels.  One of our students, Anna, won first place, which is such a huge accomplishment, especially since this is the first year we have ever competed. She had to submit an early submission of her project and was in the top six students to move on to the onsite competition at state, where she then went on to win first place. With this win, she is able to go on to compete at the national level, where students from all over America compete.

I would like to take advantage of an important and unique opportunity to support STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education at our school and give Anna this opportunity that she has earned. This year, from June 21st to June 25th, in Orlando, Florida, our Technology Student Association (TSA) chapter can attend a premier educational event. I would like Anna and I to attend this conference, as this is an opportunity to make an investment in our STEM initiative. This, of course, is a costly trip, but well worth it.

The 2017 national TSA conference has received National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) approval for student contests and activities that motivate students to be creative and demonstrate excellence. In addition to promoting student participation in STEM-oriented competitive events, the conference offers invaluable teacher exposure to the latest teaching and learning best practices. My participation in this program complements our school’s objectives as well as my professional development goals. More information about the conference is available on TSA’s conference website.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration of helping Anna and I attend the competition.

Kacie Anglin

TSA Advisor RHS Chapter

Dates for conference 6/21-6/25

Registration Fee – $100 student $100 Advisor $45 Guest = $245

Flight – $300 each = $600

Hotel – $182/night each = $1,456

TSA Official Dress Shirts – $30 2 each  = $120

Food – $50 per day each = $500

Total = $3,000

Athletic Event Pricing

Tickets for home games are as follows:

Adults: $5

Students (K-12) & Seniors $4

Rye High students with RHS ID card $2

Passes accepted: Rye High passes, CHSAA, CHSCA, Tri-Peaks.

Passes MUST be shown at the door.


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