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This Week at Rye High

  • March 3rd, 4th & 5th CMAS/PARCC Testing for Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors. Seniors on delayed schedule. (See post below for times)
  • Wrestling Banquet, Wednesday, March 4th @ 6:30pm, RHS
  • Basketball @ Regionals March 6th & 7th
    • Boys, March 6th @ La Junta High School 2:30pm
    • Girls, March 6th @ La Junta High School 4pm
    • Saturday times TBA
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Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS)/ Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College/Career (PARCC) will be given at Rye High School beginning March 2nd and ending March 19th . The Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors will be taking the English-Language Arts and Math assessments. Breakfast will be provided for these students during these testing days. Please encourage your student to do his/her best and to get plenty of sleep for the three days of testing. If a student is proficient or better on all five of the tests, they will receive half (1/2) credit towards elective credit. The following schedule will be used to accommodate testing time. CMAS/PARCC testing days are, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday March 3, 4, 5.

7:30 – 10:45 TESTING – MARCH 3 (11:00am START for seniors)


7:30 – 10:15 TESTING –MARCH 5 (10:30am START for seniors)

MARCH 3                                 MARCH 4                                            MARCH 5

LUNCH 11:00-11:30                   1st hour: 9:30-10:10                             1st hour: 10:35-11:15

1st hour: 11:35-12:09                    2nd hour: 10:14-10:54                         LUNCH 11:15-11:45

2nd hour: 12:12-12:45                   3rd hour: 10:58-11:38                         2nd hour: 11:48-12:25

3rd hour: 12:48-1:21                     LUNCH 11:38-12:08                          3rd hour: 12:28-1:05

4th hour: 1:24-1:57                       4th hour: 12:13-12:55                          4th hour: 1:08-1:45

5th hour: 2:00-2:33                       5th hour: 12:59-1:41                           5th hour: 1:48-2:25

6th hour: 2:36-3:09                       6th hour: 1:45-2:28                            6th hour: 2:28-3:05

8th hour: 3:12-3:45                       7th hour: 2:32-2:57                            8th hour: 3:08-3:45

8th hour: 3:02-3:45

Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior students are expected to arrive at the regularly scheduled time all days.

Seniors will have a delayed start time for the CMAS/PARCC testing days only and will be expected to arrive at school by the times indicated above on March 3, 4, 5. If seniors have to ride the bus to school, study rooms will be available for them during testing time.

Students being tested are expected to arrive at the regularly scheduled time. Please reschedule any appointments that will conflict with testing times.

Juniors will be taking the ACT test the morning of Tuesday, April 28th . They will be dismissed at the end of the testing period. All other students are dismissed for the entire day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rye High School at 489-2271.

Thank You,

Michelle Mann

Principal RHS

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School Accountability Information

District and individual school accountability information can be found on the Department of Education’s website at: http://www.schoolview.org and on District 70’s website at:  http://www.district70.org

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Rye High School

Rye High School, a grades nine through twelve school, is nestled in the foothills of the Greenhorn Mountains. This year, Rye High School is home to 225 students. For our students, we proudly offer a variety of extracurricular activities as well as a superior educational program. In fact, Rye High is one of the few high schools throughout the state of Colorado to receive a “performance” rating on the state accountability report.

Rye High School Mission and Priority

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Rye High School (RHS) community, which includes building administration, staff, students, and parents, is to provide a positive learning environment that features high academic expectations, respect, safety, and discipline.

Priority Statement
The priority of the Rye High School community is to insure that our students are provided with a challenging academic course of study, quality extra-curricular programs, and a physical location that offers a safe, secure, pleasant learning environment.


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