This week at Rye High

Thursday – August 25th, JV Golf @ Hollydot 4pm, Sadie Hawkins Dance @ Greenhorn Park 8-10pm

Friday – August 26th, Golf @ Hollydot 9am


Monday – August 29th, FFA to Vineland Elementary

Tuesday – August 30th, Volleyball vs. Atlas Prep 4pm, Soccer @ Ellicott 4:30pm

Thursday – September 1st, Volleyball @ Vanguard 4pm, Cross Country @ Vista Ridge 4pm, JV Golf @ Rocky Ford 4pm

Friday, September 2nd, Soccer @ Lake County, Golf @ Hollydot 9am, Football vs. Centauri 7pm

Saturday, September 3rd, Soccer @ Lake County, Volleyball vs. Fountain 10am

Monday, September 5th, Labor Day NO SCHOOL

College Credit and AP Course Information

Calculus (AP or community college)

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